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The purpose of this web site is to act as a community knowledge base for performing astronomy research with Python. It provides lists of useful resources, a forum for general discussion, advice, or relevant news items, collecting users' code snippets or scripts, and longer tutorials on specific topics. The topics within these pages are presented in a list view with the ability to sort by date or topic. A traditional "blog" view of the most recently posted topics is visible from the site Home page.


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Resource: Introduction to Statistics using Python

Description: Introduction to Statistics using Python
Homepage URL: http://work.thaslwanter.at/Stats/html/index.html

This is an open-source course on introductory statistics that uses Python and IPython notebooks to illustrate the material.

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Tutorial: Astropy Tutorials

The Astropy Tutorials walk through some typical software tasks and demonstrate the features in Astropy sub-packages in the context of a story or standard workflow.

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Tutorial: Scientific Python Lecture Notes

This is a comprehensive set of IPython notebook tutorials covering the key parts of the scientific Python software stack: NumPy, Matplotlib, and SciPy.  It also gives an overview of the Python language itself.


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Blog: Astropy getting recognition from GitHub

This week the Astropy project made it onto GitHub's showcase of 10 notable Science repositories!


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Blog: Making your code citable (and free private repos for academics)

Sharing your code is good, but getting academic credit for this is even better.

Check out the recent blog post Improving GitHub for science to learn more.  This also includes information about getting private GitHub repositories for you or your lab for free! 

No more excuses for not versioning and collaborating with modern revision control tools.

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