CALCEPH library 2.3.0

Abstract :Python interface for the CALCEPH Library

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PIMMS updated to Version 4.8

"Version 4.8 released; contains a revised pile-up formula for XMM-Newton EPIC instruments, and it also contains updated EPIC effective area curves and updated ASTRO-H HXI effective area curves...."

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XSPEC 12.9.0b Released

"Fixes a bug in the (b)vvapec model where the model calculation exits early with an 'Unrecognized value of itype' error."

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XSPEC 12.9.0a Released

"Fixes a bug in the calculation of agauss/zagauss models."

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Spot 19.10 Released

"This version supports PCRS peakup for long staring observations with IRAC (e.g., exoplanet observations). This option should enable a more accurate placement of the target on the default central pixel (full array or subarray)."

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Swift CALDB Data updated

"The Swift Caldb has been updated for the XRT (update version 20150721) and the UVOTA (update version 20150717)..."

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HEASoft 6.17, XSPEC 12.9.0 released

"Released July 29, 2015; primarily driven by updates to the NuSTAR and Swift/XRT software, but also includes updates to other packages which have been revised to mirror the current development versions in use atthe HEASARC. XSPEC version 12.9.0 also released as part of HEASoft 6.17...."

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ACIS_Extract Updated

"ACIS_Extract was updated; the new version is 2015Jul7."

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Chandra CALDB 4.6.8 installed at the HEASARC

"CalDB 4.6.8 is now installed and available at the HEASARC. Chandra 4.6.8 was released on July 1, 2015. Note that this release requires CIAO 4.3 or higher..."

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Fermi LAT Pass 8 data now available

"Fermi LAT Pass 8 data is now available from the Fermi Science Support Center's LAT data servers. The Pass 8 LAT data includes a number of improvements over the reprocessed Pass 7 data. Improvements include a better PSF, improved energy measurement, and increased acceptance across the whole energy band. As of the Pass 8 relea... View More

Fermi Science Analysis Environment Updated for LAT Pass 8 Data

"The FSSC is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the Fermi Science Tools, v10r0p5, released on June 24, 2015. This version includes support for pass 8 processed data and must be used in order to analyze pass 8 data. Details and software download can be found here."

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"The NuSTAR CALibration DataBase was updated on June 22, 2015 (CALDB version 20150612). This updates the NuSTAR clock correction file to version 49 (good through June 12, 2015)."

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Fermi LAT CALDB update

"The HEASARC CALDB for the Fermi LAT has been updated to version v10r0p5_20150509. This is the first version of the LAT caldb to include the instrument response functions for Pass 8 processed data..."

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PyCon JP 2015 Registration Open

" We are pleased to announce availability of PyCon JP 2015 tickets. PyCon JP 2015 is the biggest Python event in Japan, consisting of keynotes, talks, dev sprints and tutorials (paid separately). As with every year, we expect the event to be very international. There will be sessions in both Japanese and English.You can purcha... View More