Tara Updated

"The Tools for ACIS Review & Analysis (TARA) software has been updated; new version 2011apr8..."

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XSPEC Updated

"Version 12.6.0ab released April 1, 2011; fixed for using fakeit with the projct component..."

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Chandra CALDB 4.4.2 released

"CalDB 4.4.2 released 01 March 2011; patch upgrade. installed at HEASARC 02 March 2011..."

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IRAF patch release 2.15.1a

"(Updated Feb 21 2011). IRAF V2.15.1a is an update of the IRAF v2.15.1 release for all 32- and 64-bit Linux and Mac OSX systems. It resolves a bug in the v2.15.1 patch introduced for real FITS images..."

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PIMMS updated to Version 4.3

"Version 4.3 is identical to version 4.2a except for the Integral JEM-X instrument. Since 2010 October, two near-identical units of JEM-X are operational, but PIMMS continue to provide count rate per single unit. Version 4.3 includes additional lines of screen output to clarify this."

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Problem with Suzaku CALDB update version 20110118

"An incompatibility has been identified with the latest version of the Suzaku XIS CALDB (version 20110118). Until this is fixed, Suzaku users should use the previous version of the XIS CALDB (version 20101108). The Suzaku XIS CALDB at the HEASARC is currently using version 20101108 until this incompatibility is resolved."<... View More

CASA Added to Astro-Update

"CASA, the Common Astronomy Software Applications package, is being developed to support the data post-processing needs of the next generation of radio astronomical telescopes such as ALMA and EVLA. Current version is 3.1.0"

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IRAF patch release 2.15.1

"(Updated Jan 25 2011). IRAF V2.15.1 is a patch release of the IRAF system update of the IRAF v2.15 release for all 32- and 64-bit Linux and Mac OSX systems. It is being made available now to address the following specific issues: Potential Data Corruption on 64-bit Systems; Support for Double-Precision FITS images on 64-bit Syst... View More

ATOMDB 2.0 released

"Version 2.0 of the ATOMDB atomic database was released Jan 10, 2011..."

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APT 19.0 released

"Astronomer's Proposal Tool 19.0 released on 15 January 2011. ..."

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