PyCon JP 2015 Call for Proposals

" The annual PyCon JP 2015will be held at Plaza Heisei in Tokyo. The schedule is as below. Tutorial: 2015 October 9(Fri) Conference: 2015 October 10(Sat)-11(Sun) Development Sprints: 2015 October 12(Mon / Public Holiday in Japan) We are currently seeking proposals for talks for this event. Visit the ... View More

XSPEC 12.8.2p Released

"Fixes an error in the calculation of derivatives for the cstat with background and pgstat statistics"

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Update on the PSF Elections - new election starting

"Due to some procedural problems with the current election for the Board of the Python Software Foundation, the Foundation has taken some steps to make sure that the elections are freely open for nominations and that there are no conflicts of interest. Specifically, today the board adopted the following resolutions: RESOLVED, due... View More

Incompatibility between Acis-Extract and Ciao 4.7

"There is an incompatibility between all versions of Acis-Extract (AE) and CIAO version 4.7, that can, under certain circumstances, significantly impact the fidelity of Acis-Extract analysis. An updated version of AE is under development by the ACIS Team at Penn State. If you are interested in performing Chandra data analysis us... View More

Marx 5.1 released

"Version 5.1 of the Chandra simulation software was released April 28, 2015. Changes include enhanced support for dithered SAOTrace rays on input, and improvements to the HRC blur model."

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Skyview 3.1.12 Released

"Updated April 22, 2015. Adds social network sharing options to the SkyView Image Gallery and a helpful option to the Overlays section of the main SkyView Query form."

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XSPEC 12.8.2n Released

"Updated April 8, 2015. Corrections for the feld abundance table values for the elements Cl, Cr, Mn, and Co."

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PyCon is here!

" Before we get under way, is your go-to for all things once you're at PyCon. Here are some important details and things coming up. WiFi: SSID is 'PyCon 2015' and upon joining the network you'll be presented with a popup (you may need to try to visit a site first). Download t... View More

Come to the Opening Reception on Thursday!

" Come celebrate with us as we kickoff the weekend with snacks and drinks at our Opening Reception in the expo hall, Thursday from 6-9 PM. Whether you spent the day in tutorials or you just got in town before the talks begin, join your fellow attendees in mingling around, chatting about what you're up to, seeing what our s... View More

PyCon schedule on Guidebook!

" There's a lot going on at PyCon this year. If you've paid for tutorials, you have those to keep track of. Then there's the free sponsor tutorials. Then there's 95 talks going on in 5 parallel tracks. Then there's open spaces. Then there's evening stuff. Lots of stuff! When you pick up your badge at regi... View More

XSPEC 12.8.2m Released

"Updated April 2, 2015. Fixes an error in the Goodman-Weare option for MCMC which caused confidence regions to be about 70% of their correct size, and performance improvements."

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Suzaku CALDB updated

"The Suzaku CALDB has been updated for the XIS (update version 20150312) ..."

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For Microsoft, Python support extends far beyond Windows installers

" You might have known that Python's 1.0 release came at the start of 1994, but did you know Microsoft shipped its Merchant Server 1.0 product built on Python only a few years later in 1996 ? Microsoft, this year's Keystone sponsor, has long been a user and supporter of Python, with a history of use within build and... View More

XSPEC 12.8.2l Released

"Updated March 12, 2015. When a new minimum is found and accepted during a steppar run, the new best-fit information is now propagated to the contour plot."

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Fourth annual 5K Fun Run benefitting Autism Speaks

" We're really happy to be holding our fourth annual 5K Charity Fun Run on Saturday April 11 at 7 AM, before day two of PyCon kicks off. The event was introduced in Santa Clara and has been fun for everyone involved and each year has raised money for a bunch of great causes. This year's proceeds benefit Autism Speaks... View More