General CALDB updated

"Update 17 Jan 2015: added new leap second (01 July 2015) into leapsec_010715.fits file."

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XSPEC 12.8.2j Released

"Updated January 15, 2015. Fix to the optxagnf model ..."

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Django Girls Workshop @ PyCon 2015

" A guest post by Django Girls . Django Girls is a non-profit organization that organizes free, one-day workshops to teach women who have never programmed before how to build their first web application using Python, Django, HTML and CSS. You are invited to the PyCon 2015 Django Girls Workshop on April 9th... View More

GASGANO 2.4.8 released

"Version 2.4.8 of GASGANO, a Data File Organizer developed and maintained by ESO has been released. This release uses OCA rules for classification and fixes minor issues ..."

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PyCon 2015 Schedule Announced!

" The wait is over: PyCon 2015's schedule is available! The tutorial schedule has been available for several weeks now, and we made poster selections a while back as well, but we've completed the biggest part: scheduling 95 talks across three days in five rooms. It takes... View More

A New Kind of PyCon Dinner: Passover Seder

" A guest post by Stephen Jacobs . How many of you would be interested in a Friday night Passover Seder at PyCon? PyCon overlaps this year with an eight day-long Jewish holiday ( Passover ) that commemorates the Biblical exodus of Egypt. For those of you whove never been to one, a Sed... View More

XSPEC 12.8.2h Released

"Updated December 30, 2014. Adds a new function to PyXspec which makes available the results of the most recent Fit.steppar() run ..."

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Financial Aid Applications Due January 1!

" While PyCon has some of the more affordable ticket prices around, at rates that haven't changed in a million years, a lot of other expenses go into conferences. For a lot of our attendees, travel and hotel costs add up. For that reason, we offer financial aid! When we include all types of attendees - tutorial, conferenc... View More

PIMMS updated to Version 4.7d

"Version 4.7d updated, though still somewhat preliminary, effective area curve for the NICER mission..."

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Looking for volunteers @ the PyCon 2015 Education Summit

" The Third Annual Python Education Summit , held during PyCon on Thursday April 9th 2015 , is coming together. We are gathering some excellent talk ideas (click here to see some of the proposed talks). Thanks to those who have summited talks so far. As with any event, the Education Summit can't be pulled off alone, so we ... View More

Chandra CALDB 4.6.5 installed at the HEASARC

"CalDB 4.6.5 is now installed and available at the HEASARC. Chandra 4.6.5 was released on December 16, 2014. Note that this release requires CIAO 4.3 or higher..."

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PyCon 2015 Tutorial Schedule Announced

" Tutorials Schedule After a busy few months of competitive reviews, the tutorials team within our program committee has completed their process and have come up with an awesome schedule ta da! Led by Stuart Williams and Ruben Orduz, a fantastic team came together to shape ... View More

Chandra: CIAO 4.7 released

"CIAO 4.7 was released on December 16; Maintenance release, Sherpa stacks of spectra..."

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XSPEC 12.8.2g Released

"Updated December 15, 2014. Change for recorn component ..."

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XMM-Newton Science Archive v. 8.3 Released

"Search by 'File' is now possible for up to 1000 names or positions (inprevious XSA versions this was limited to 400 entries). Also, theMosaic ODF sub-sets are now searchable by coordinates.The XSA v7.2 java interface and associated AIO client files, which do notprovide access to the updated EPIC, Slew Survey and O... View More