XSPEC 12.8.2a Released

"Updated July 7, 2014. Adds 'nowrite' option to PyXspec AllData.fakeit command ..."

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HEASoft 6.16 released

"Released July 2, 2014; updates to NuSTAR mission software (nustardas v. 1.4.1); support for the 64-bit architecture on Mac OS X; other changes..."

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XSPEC 12.8.2 Released

"Updated July 2, 2014. The code underlying the NEI models has been rewritten to accommodate the AtomDB 3.0 files, new models added, other changes ..."

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CALDB initialization file updated

"The caldb setup and initialization files (caldbinit.*) have been updated so that they no longer overwrite the $CALDB, $CALDBCONFIG and $CALDBALIAS environment variables if they are already defined. Note that first-time installers of the CALDB will need to edit the caldbinit.csh (c-shell variants) or caldbinit.sh (bash-variants)... View More

CFITSIO Version 3.37 released

"Version 3.37 released June 3; support reading bzip2 compressed FITS files, other changes..."

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Swift CALDB updated

"The Swift Caldb has been updated for the SC (update version 20140605)..."

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XSPEC 12.8.1p Patch Released

"Updated June 5, 2014. Bug fix for the pstat statistic ..."

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Fermi Science Analysis Environment Updated

"The FSSC is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the Fermi Science Tools (v9r33p0), released on June 3. This version includes support for the CALDB, plotting in the non-ROOTversion of the tools and a new tool gtburst. Details can be found here. The LAT team has released an updated model of Galactic diffuse e... View More

XSPEC 12.8.1n,o Patches Released

"Updated May 20, 2014. Fix to MCMC analysis using the Goodman-Weare algorithm, and cleared up pstat/pgstat confusion ..."

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APT 22.1 released

"Released on Apr 22. The bulk of the work was for JWST development, only minor bug fixes were made for HST. ..."

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Chandra CALDB 4.6.1 installed at the HEASARC

"CalDB 4.6.1 is now installed and available at the HEASARC. Chandra 4.6.1 was released on March 26, 2014. Note that this release requires CIAO 4.3 or higher..."

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Aladin updated

"The Aladin Sky Atlas software has been updated to version 8. This version includes support for dynamical proper motions, photometry, progessive surveys, more..."

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XSPEC 12.8.1m Patch Released

"Updated March 21, 2014. Inaccuracy in the gabs model fixed ..."

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APT 22.0.2 released

"minor update released on Mar 17. Two changes with this minor release. One corrects the schedulability you see with the Phase I Visit Planner if you have Orientation constraints - some observation may become more schedulable. The other is a fix that allows APT to run on Linux using the fvwm2 windowing system ..."

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