Astropython Questions

In part to solicit more interaction on this website and in part to aggregate more knowledge from the community, we are instituting a series of forum posts that pose a particular question about using Python in astronomy.   Please liberally use the commenting feature to supply your answers, experiences, snippets or links!  ... View More

Announcing pyds9

We are pleased to announce the first release of pyds9, a Python module that uses a Python interface to XPA to communicate with the ds9 image display program: The ds9 class constructor connects to a single instance of a running ds9. The ds9 object supports 'set' and 'get' methods to communicate with all of ds9's X... View More

MPI Cluster Programming with Python and Amazon EC2

Here is an interesting talk from PyCon 2008 by Peter Skomoroch (Juice Analytics).  Has anyone tried EC2?  In our local discussions it was said that EC2 is relatively expensive compared to other options, any comments?  I'm working on a smallish problem that would benefit from having a couple hundred processors for interactive ana... View More

Amazon "matplotlib" books

It seems like the use of python is exploding in the sciences.  But I was surprised to run across a pointer to a new book "Matplotlib for Python Developers".  It never occurred to me that Matplotlib would get a book at this point.  Just for kicks I went to and searched on "matplotlib" and fou... View More

EuroSciPy 2010

The 3rd European meeting on Python in Science Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure, July 8-11 2010 We are happy to announce the 3rd EuroScipy meeting, in Paris, July 2010. The EuroSciPy meeting is a cross-disciplinary gathering focused on the use and development of the Python language in scientific research. This event strives to bring to... View More

Debugging with pdb

Steve Ferg has written a nice tutorial for beginners on how to debug python code using the pdb module:

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fast histogram

Tom Aldcroft wrote:I recall hearing that the default matplotlib hist function is slow.That does seem to be the case.  Is there some code or a package thatsomeone has to remedy this?

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Advanced Scientific Programming in Python Winter School in Warsaw, Poland

a Winter School by the G-Node and University of Warsaw Scientists spend more and more time writing, maintaining, and debugging software. While techniques for doing this efficiently have evolved, only few scientists actually use them. As a result, instead of doing their research, they spend far too much time writing deficient code ... View More

Welcome to the new AstroPython

Welcome to the new GAE/bloog incarnation of AstroPython.  I've put in some content for each of the categories, particularly in resources.  Hopefully this is getting on the track toward being able to fill in a bunch more and go live.  I discovered that cut-n-paste from web pages preserves formatting and images (!) so it is straigh... View More

Developing packages

Today I came across this nice post that describes in detail how to create a full python package for distribution: post talks about using the standard library unittest module for testing, e.g.# Python code here import unittest from googlemaps import GoogleMaps class Test(unittes... View More