Continuum Analytics - July Tech Events

" The Continuum Team is hitting some big conferences this month, and we hope youll join us for exciting talks on Bokeh, Numba, Blaze, Anaconda, and more. From our hometown of Austin, Texas all the way to Spain, our team is ready to talkPython."

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Python(x, y) Released!

"Hi All,I'm happy to announce that Python(x, y) available for immediate download.from any of the mirrors.The full change log can be viewed here.Please post your comments and suggestions to the mailing list. Work on the Python 3.x 64 bit version will resume once Visual Studio 2015 RTM is released. What's new in... View More

Audio Toolkit: Anatomy of a transient shaper

" When I first about transient shaper, I was like whats the difference with a compressor? Is there one?. And I tried to see how to get these transient without relying on the transient energy, with a relative power (ratio between the instant power and the mean power) filter, or its derivative, but nothing worked. Until someone exp... View More

GSoC Week 5

" The week 5 began with a discussion with whether we should deprecate params . I fixed some bugs in checking functions, random number generator and one of covariance updating methods. In the following days, I completed the main functions of GaussianMixutre and all test cases, except AIC, BIC and sampling functions. The test... View More

The name we give to bright ideas

" From The Book of Strange New Things : I said that if science could come up with something like the Jump it could surely solve a problem like that. Severin seized hold of that word, science. Science, he said, is not some mysterious larger-than-life force, its just the name we give to bright ideas that individual guys have ... View More

Using Fortran code in Python using Cython

" Using Fortran code from Python is an old story. The major player in the game isf2py that is used in NumPy , the array library forPython. f2py being used in the SciPy library, it is widelydistributed. The point of f2py is to assist a developer to embed regular Fortran code in aPython module. f2py was developped before the ... View More

Write Complex Parallel Algorithms

" This work is supported by Continuum Analytics and the XDATA Program as part of the Blaze Project tl;dr: We discuss the use of complex dask graphs for non-trivial algorithms.We show off an on-disk parallel SVD. Most Parallel Computation is Simple Most parallel workloads today are fairly trivial: &gt... View More

A review of "Large-Scale Search of Transcriptomic Read Sets with Sequence Bloom Trees"

" (This is a review of Large-Scale Search of Transcriptomic Read Setswith Sequence Bloom Trees , Solomon andKingsford, 2015.) In this paper, Solomon and Kingsford present Sequence Bloom Trees (SBTs).SBT provides an efficient method for indexing multiple sequencingdatasets and finding in which datasets a query sequence is prese... View More

Thoughts on Sequence Bloom Trees

" We just submitted our review of thepaper Large-Scale Search of Transcriptomic Read Sets with SequenceBloom Trees. ,by Brad Solomon and Carl Kingsford. The paper outlines a fairly simple and straightforward way to querymassive amounts of sequence data (5 TB of mRNAseq!) in very small disk(~70 GB) and memory (~under a GB), ... View More

Algorithmic wizardry

" Last week I wrote a short commentary onJames Hagues blog post Organization skills beat algorithmic wizardry . This week that post got more traffic than my server could handle. I believe it struck a chord with experienced software developers who knowthat the challenges they face now are not like the challenges they prepared f... View More

The Nickel Tour

" If youre new to this blog, welcome! Let me show you around. Here aresome of the most popular posts on this site and some other things Ive written . If youd like tosubscribe to this site you can do so by RSS or email . I also have a monthly newsletter . You can find out more about me and my background here . Yo... View More

Announcement: Audio TK 0.6.0

" The main changes for this release are first trials at modulated filters, C++11 usage ( nullptr , override and final ), and some API changes (the main process_impl function is now const ). Download link: ATK 0.6.0 Changelog: 0.6.0 * Added override and final keywords in virtual calls * Changed the API so tha... View More

Distributed Scheduling

" This work is supported by Continuum Analytics and the XDATA Program as part of the Blaze Project tl;dr: We evaluate dask graphs with a variety of schedulers and introduce anew distributed memory scheduler. Dask.distributed is new and is not battle-tested. Use at your own risk andadjust expectations ... View More

We're throwing a Software Carpentry! And it's already full...

" Yesterday morning, we announced a Software Carpentry workshop here atUC Davis, running July 6-7 -- see the Web site for more information . I'm organizing,and Easton White and Noam Ross are co-lead instructors. (This is thefirst workshop I'm running since we became an affiliate !) I'd love it if you could all... View More

Some personal perspectives on academic freedom and free speech

" Some background: I'm a white, male, tenured faculty member at UCDavis, and a 3rd generation academic. I work in relativelyuncontroversial areas of science (primarily bioinformatics & genomics)at a university that is about as protective of academic freedom as you can get these days. I also live in a country that... View More