Version 0.7.0 of asciitable (an extensible module for reading and writing ASCII tables) is now available.  This release includes the following key features:

  • Added support for reading and writing LaTeX tables (contributed by Moritz Guenther).
  • Improved the CDS reader by better supporting multi-file tables (contributed by Frederic Grollier).
  • Refactored the code into a package with functionally distinct modules.
  • Added a "type" attribute in the Column class that provides the type of a column as IntType, FloatType, or StrType.

Please see:

The new Latex and AASTex classes provide the ability to write publication quality LaTeX tables in both the standard and AAS "deluxetable" formats.  These classes provide hooks to inject additional LaTeX commands as needed for more complex tables.

API changes:
- Previously the read(), write(), get_reader() and get_writer()
 raised an exception for unrecognized keyword arguments.  Now
 those extra arguments are passed on to the Reader class
 constructor.  From the user perspective this means you can call
 read()/write() with class initialization arguments (see Cds and
 Latex for examples). For developers it means more flexibility
 in Reader classes.
- One minor API change is not backward compatible.  When
 specifying custom column converters (e.g. to force a column
 that looks like integers to convert to floats) it was
 previously possible to provide either a list of converters or a
 single converter.  Now you must always provide a list of
 converters even it is has only one element.  This was needed to
 support consistent assigment of the Column.type attribute.

Other minor fixes:
- Fixed a bug when the "end_line" parameter is passed a function.
- Fixed a bug where the RDB writer issued incorrect column types.

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