We are planning to have an Astronomy & Astrophysics Mini-Symposium at the SciPy2013 conference in Austin, TX in June 2013.  The use of Python for astronomy research is growing rapidly, and we have seen the emergence of large and well-organized community efforts to develop analysis packages for astronomy.  

I'm excited to have the opportunity to organize and chair this mini-symposium.  This is timely moment for the astronomy Python community to get together and present what's new and exciting, as well as to discuss and define future priorities.  This will be an evening session taking 1.5 hours and consisting of 4 - 6 talks and some form of open discussion.  

I'd like to encourage everybody to attend SciPy2013 this year and participate in the overall discussion.  We need viewpoints not only from people deeply involved in development, but also newcomers and those who are just trying to get their research done.  I also want to specifically invite people to submit a talk or poster abstract so we can make the mini-symposium interesting.  The abstract deadline is March 20.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact me [1].  I'm interested in ideas for discussion topics that would be productive.  One possibility is examining some of the large community efforts (e.g. yt, SunPy, Astropy, etc) to look for opportunities for cross-project coordination.  

Tom Aldcroft

[1] aldcroft@head.cfa.harvard.edu

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