Ian Ozsvald has released an excellent High Performance Python tutorial (55 page PDF) which walks through different ways of making Python code run much faster.  Read more in the original blog post, look at the source on github, or watch the slides.

Topics covered:

  • Python profiling (cProfile, RunSnake, line_profiler) – find bottlenecks
  • PyPy – Python’s new Just In Time compiler, a note on the new numpy module
  • Cython – annotate your code and compile to C
  • numpy integration with Cython – fast numerical Python library wrapped by Cython
  • ShedSkin – automatic code annotation and conversion to C
  • numpy vectors – fast vector operations using numpy arrays
  • NumExpr on numpy vectors – automatic numpy compilation to multiple CPUs and vector units
  • multiprocessing – built-in module to use multiple CPUs
  • ParallelPython – run tasks on multiple computers
  • pyCUDA – run tasks on your Graphics Processing Unit
  • Other algorithmic choices and options you have

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