How Python Slithered into Astronomy, by Perry Greenfield

Perry Greenfield gave the keynote speech at the 2010 conference that took place in Hyderabad, India, during December 13-18 2010. 

He talks about why STScI began to use Python. 

He also makes some "Random observations about scientific programming". Concerning scientists and programming, he makes the observation that most scientists and engineers are poor at many aspects of programming, such as testing and documentation:

"But they think they understand what it takes to write good programs and don’t understand what takes you so long".

The slides from the all the talks presented during the conference are provided in one zipped file and is available at ; Perry Greenfield's talk is the "Scipyin2010_Greenfield.ppt" file inside the "" file. The zipped file is about 78 MB in size.

There is a video of the talk as well. It is available at ; Perry Greenfield's talk is in part 1 of the first day's videos. This file is about 304 MB in size. His talk starts at 22:00 minutes from the start of the video.

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