the PANDORA software group, responsible for a number of interesting astronomy python packages such as SAMPy, is announcing an end to their software development and package support. yesterday, the following email went to their users and today this message was posted to the IVOA message lists:

"Dear PANDORA user,

after more than five years, due to lack of manpower and funds, 
we cannot support the Pandora programs and help-desk any more. 
As from October first 2010, the help-desk will be unavailable, 
and programs will not be updated any more, not even for bug fixing. 
The current version of the programs will remain available for download 
for a few months, without any support or guarantee for installation 
and usage. If during these five years you have appreciated our work, 
and wish to support us for a last attempt to raise funds, you may 
want to subscribe our petition at this web page

The PANDORA group"

SAMPy in particular is pretty critical to the integration of python with other VO software tools and one can hope that another astropython effort will pick up support for it soon.

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