There is an interesting project in development to support N-body SPH analysis in Python.  Check it out at:

To quote from author Rok Roskar (via

I'd like to plug a project that a group of us have been working on since last fall called pynbody. It's a python-based N-body/SPH analysis framework meant to simplify analysis by providing an intuitive interface for some of the most common tasks. We're gearing up for a first public release in a few months, but the code is very much useable already so we would welcome brave beta-testers. It works transparently with gasoline/pkdgrav/tipsy as well as gadget outputs. We're ironing out some tedious kinks with regards to installation etc. so we're very much interested in any sort of feedback regarding those issues. Have a look at the google code page and let us know what you think!

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