visitor Danny writes:

"I have a question maybe somebody in this community can answer regarding coordinate lines drawn by Basemap [within Matplotlib].

Does anyone know if its possible to draw onto a map, grid lines (meridians and parallels) using a different coordinate system.  For example an astronomical image plotted in equatorial coordinates with galactic parallels overlain. I am particularly attached to Basemap for plotting as it, among other things, provides all-sky projections like Mollweide.

Here is a crude example (not in moll, sadly):

The two coordinate systems are related by two rotations. I see how to define the latitude to achieve one, but not other.

Even if I could define a map with the appropriate tilts to achieve galactic coordinates, I had some trouble drawing a second map's grid lines over another underlying map.  I tried defining a separate Basemap object with a different lat_0 but the drawparallels command seems to erase any previously drawn maps (hold=False?).

Thanks for any insights or solutions anyone might have."

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