South African Brothers and Sisters for Python

" Todays post is a follow-up to a previous post about a PSF funded project by Hyperion Development in South Africa. The PSF has recently heard from Riaz Moola about his latest projectworking with Brothers For All to deliver Python courses in 42 prisonsincluding eight female corrections fac... View More

Highly Contagious: Python Spreads through South America!

" As you may recall, I previously posted about a wonderful project in South America that has been funded in part by the PSF. That first blog post described the Python events that Manuel Kaufmann had organized in Argentina and his plans to move on to Paraguay and then Bolivia. Please check it out at Python in Argentina . ... View More

Reminder: Friday May 1 deadline for PSF Board nominations

"As we previously announced, nominations for the Python Software Foundation's board of directors are open, and they will be accepted through Friday May 1. Please see our original announcementas well as details about the wiki here.Candidates for the 11 seats on the board are found at View More

Finding global voices

" On the psf-members mailing list today, current Director David Mertz expressed some sentiments about increasing diversity in the governance of the foundation that I'd like to share. Making the Python community, and the Python Software Foundation itself, more diverse, globally and across dimensions of privilege is somethin... View More

Board of Directions Nomination Instructions Update

" Unfortunately, the Python Wiki has experienced some spamming and vandalism lately. This may mean that editing the Wiki, including the Directors nomination page may take a little extra work until we get things sorted out. This is described on the Front Page : Since spamming and vandalism on this wiki has reach... View More

Run for the Board of Directors!

" The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers. Its that time of year again! The PSF annual election for its 2015 Board of Directors is currently s... View More

My Dinner with Katie

" Last week at PyCon, I had the pleasure of talking with Katie Cunningham at a dinner party hosted by O'Reilly. Katie is well-known in the Python community. The author of Python in 24 Hours , 2nd edition (Pearson 2013), Accessibility Handbook (O'Reilly 2012), and a video series Python Guide for the Tot... View More

Python X Southwest: SciPy in Austin!

" Mark your calendars: SciPy 2015 is coming in July (July 6-12, 2015) to the fabulous city of Austin, TX. This will be the 14th annual SciPy devoted to scientific computing with Python, and organizers expect to exceed 500 attendees again this year. The importance of this conference for scientific computing cannot be overstat... View More

PSF supports more Django Girls!

" A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the PSFs funding of the upcoming Plone Conference in Bucharest as an example of how the PSF supports Python development for the web (see Plone ). Another web framework the PSF has been supporting is, of course, Django, and with the upsurge of Django Girls activities, support for Dja... View More

PSF Python Brochure: Get your free copy at PyCon 2015

" PSF Python Brochure PDF (low resolution version) After having distributed the first 5,000 copies of the PSF Python Brochureto Python conferences and user groups around the world in the last 12 months, we have now finished the second print run with another 5,000 copiesjust in time for PyCon 2015 in Montreal.Many thanks g... View More