Abstract : Package focused on numerical python, statistics, file i/o with astronomy specific modules.

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Homepage : http://code.google.com/p/esutil/

Version: SVN Only

In addition to the astronomy related tools (listed below from the code repository), this package includes (but is not limited to) utilities covering XML/JSON io, numpy record & structured arrays, and an IDL-like histogram statistics tool.

Astronomy related tools:
    • wcsutil: Tools for working with the astronomical World Coordinate System format.
    • cosmology: Tools for cosmological calculations. This is currently focused on distance measures.
    • coords: Tools for working with astronomical coordinates and coordinate transformations. Used to be called astro_util. There is still an alias for that name available.
    • htm: This is a Class to deal with the Hierarchical Triangular Mesh, which is a method for breaking the unit sphere into a tree structure where each node in the tree is represented by a spherical triangle. A primary advantage of the HTM over other schemes is that it deals perfectly well with the poles. This class contains code for matching ra/dec lists, measuring two-point correlation functions (using the bincount method), and finding node information for ra/dec points.

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