Profiling with HPC Toolkit

" Ive started working with the HPC Toolkit , especially the part where it can use PAPI to read hardware counters and display the result in a nice GUI. Installation Installation is a little bit of a pain, but it is simplified somewhat, as all external dependencies are available in a unique repository, except for PAPI that ... View More

GSoC Week 6/7

" In the week 6 and 7, I coded BayesianGaussianMixture for the full covariance type.Now it can run smoothly on synthetic data and old-faithful data. Take a peek on the demo. from sklearn.mixture.bayesianmixture import BayesianGaussianMixture as BGMbgm = BGM(n_init=1, n_iter=100, n_components=7, verbose=2, init_params='rand... View More

Why should I use Authorea to write my papers?

" Matteo Cantiello is a theoretical astrophysicist at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics and Authoreas Chief Scientist. I am aware that a while back a lot of astronomers have tried out writing their research articles on Authorea , a web-based collaborative writing platform. Some were disappoint... View More

A response to "The myths of bioinformatics software"

" This is a response to (parts of) Dr. Lior Pachter's post, 'The mythsof bioinformatics software' . (You can also see my post on bioinformatics software licensing for at least some of the background arguments.) I agree with a lot of what Lior says: most bioinformatics software isnot very good quality (#1), most... View More

Job Offer: data scientist in Paris

" Alexandre D'Aspremont and I are looking looking for a data scientist to work on large-scale non-smooth optimization methods and other topics. You can find more information in this link . The job description is intentionally vague, and depending on the candidate this can be a postdoc-like job with most of their time d... View More

Contact info diagram

" My contact information arranged into a diagram: Yesterday at SciPy 2015 Allen Downey did something similar for his contact info and gave me the idea for the image above. LinkedIn doesnt quite fit; you have to know that LinkedIn profiles stick before the user name."

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Python/3D Visualization: A new book available for students and scientists

" Brian Kent is an associate scientist with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory working on pipeline software for VLA and ALMA, and has interests in galaxy surveys, dynamics, and 3D graphics and visualization. A new book published by IOP is now available entitled 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender. This work ... View More

Audio Toolkit: Zero Latency Efficient Convolution

" Convolution is an algorithm that is often used for reverberations. If the equation is easy to understand and to implement, the implementation is costly. The other way of doing it is to use Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), but the direct/crude implementation requires latency. If it is possible to optimize the basic convolution code... View More

Multiple choice

" A certain question has the following possible answers. All of the below None of the below All of the above One of the above None of the above None of the above Which answer is correct? Source "

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On licensing bioinformatics software: use the BSD, Luke.

" If a piece of bioinformatics software is not fully open source , my lab and I will generally seekout alternatives to it for research, teaching and training. This holdswhether or not the software is free for academic use. If a piece of bioinformatics software is only available under the GNUPublic License or another '... View More

When the last digits of powers don’t change

" If you raise any integer to the fifth power, its last digit doesnt change. For example, 2 5 = 32. Its easy to prove this assertion by brute force. Since the last digit of b n only depends on the last digit of b , its enough to verify that the statement above holds for 0, 1, 2, , 9. Although thats a valid proof,... View More

Sumatra 0.7 released

" We would like to announce the release of version 0.7.0 of Sumatra, a tool for automated tracking of simulations and computational analyses so as to be able to easily replicate them at a later date. This version of Sumatra brings some major improvements for users, including an improved web browser interfac... View More

Mid-term summary

"Hello all,We're reaching the halfway mark for the GSoC and it's been a great journey so far.I have had some off court issues. I was hesitant to write about them because I don't want my blog to turn into me ranting and complaining but I have decided to briefly mention them in this occasion because they are relevant an... View More

No, I’m not a bot.

" Periodically someone on Twitter will suggest that one of my Twitter accounts is a bot. Others will reply in the second person plural, suggesting that theres a group of people behind one of the accounts. These accounts arent run by a bot or a committee, just me. I do use software to schedule my tweets in advance. Most of the ... View More

Find Continuum at SciPy Austin 2015

" Continuum is a sponsor of this years SciPy Conference in Austin, TX . We invite you to join us at the fourteenth annual Scientific Computing with Python conference, and to check out some really fantastic talks and tutorials from our talented engineers anddevelopers."

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