Scipy and the first few GSoC weeks

"Hi all,We're about three (and a half) weeks into the GSoC and it's been one crazy ride so far. Being my first experience working in OpenSource projects and not being much of an expert in statistics was challenging at first, but I think I might be getting the hang of it now.First off, for those of you still wondering what... View More

The most important skill in software development

" Heres an insightful paragraph from James Hagues blog post Organization skills beat algorithmic wizardry : When it comes to writing code, the number one most important skill is how to keep a tangle of features from collapsing under the weight of its own complexity. Ive worked on large telecommunications systems, console gam... View More

Pandas Categoricals

" tl;dr: Pandas Categoricals efficiently encode and dramatically improveperformance on data with text categories Disclaimer: Categoricals were created by the Pandas development team and notby me. There is More to Speed Than Parallelism I usually write about parallelism. As a result people ask me how toparallelize their slo... View More

GSoC Week 4: Progress Report

" Updated on July 1.Updated on Jun 24. Here is the task check-list. [x] Completes derivation report . [x] Adds new classes. One abstract class _BasesMixture . Three derived classes GaussianMixture , BayesianGaussianMixture , DirichletProcessGaussianMixture [x] Removes numerical stability ... View More

Audio Toolkit: Anatomy of a middle-side compressor

" Sometimes images are worth a thousand words, so lets look at some pictures of a middle-side compressor behavior. A middle-side compressor like ATKStereoCompressor can work in a middle-side workflow. This means that the stereo signal is split in a center/middle channel and a side (L-R) channel. Then each channel is process... View More

GSoC Week 3

" The week 3 has a very exciting start. I finished the derivation of DPGMM, as well as the lower bound and the predictive probability for each model. The difference between my derivation and the current document is that the current models assume a simpler approximation. The model defined in PRML is more accurate and provides more... View More

Notes from "How to grow a sustainable software development process (for scientific software)"

" I gave a presentation at the BEACON Center's coding group this pastMonday; here are my notes and followup links. Thanks to Luiz Irberfor scribing! My short slideshow: here The khmer project is on github,and we have a tutorial for people who want to try out our developmentprocess .khmer has ~5-10 active developers ... View More

AI Spring

" Artificial intelligence, or at least the perception of artificial intelligence, has gone from disappointing to frightening in the blink of an eye. As Marc Andreessen said on Twitter this morning: AI: From Its so horrible how little progress has been made to Its so horrible how much progress has been made in one step. When I ... View More

Xray + Dask: Out-of-Core, Labeled Arrays in Python

" Xray provides labeled, multi-dimensional arrays. Dask provides a system for parallel computing. Together, they allow for easy analysis of scientific datasets that dont fit intomemory."

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The challenge for post-publication peer review

" On Tuesday, I wrote a draft blog post in response to Michael Eisen'sblog post on how LiorPachter's blog post was a a model for post-publication peer review(PPPR). (My draft post suggested that scientific bloggers aim forinclusivity by adopting a code of conduct andposting explicit site commenting policies ). I... View More

Ursula K. Le Guin has it backward

" Ursula K. Le Guin is asking people to not buy books fromAmazon because they market bestsellers, the literary equivalent of junk food. She said last week I believe that reading only packaged microwavable fiction ruins the taste, destabilizes the moral blood pressure, and makes the mind obese. I agree with that. Thats why I... View More

Reading equations forward and backward

" There is no logical difference between writing A = B and writing B = A , but there is a psychological difference. Equations are typically applied left to right. When you write A = B you imply that it may be useful to replace A with B . This is helpful to keep in mind when learning something new:the order... View More

Launching missiles with Haskell

" Haskell advocates are fond of saying that a Haskell function cannot launch missiles without you knowing it. Pure functions have no side effects, so they can only do what they purport to do. In a language that does not enforce functional purity, calling a function could have arbitrary side effects, including launching missiles... View More

Mystery curve

" This afternoon I got a review copy of the book Creating Symmetry: The Artful Mathematics of Wallpaper Patterns . Heres a striking curves from nearthe beginning of the book, one that the author calls the mystery curve. The curve is the plot ofexp( it ) exp(6 it )/2 + i exp(-14 it )/3 with t running from 0 to ... View More

RSS feeds for categories

" You can subscribe to this blog using this RSS feed . If you would like to only subscribe to posts in certain categories, you can do so using the category-specific feeds below. Business Clinical trials Computing Creativity Graphics Machine learning Math Music ... View More