Jessica McKellar receives 2015 Frank Willison Award

" Ask any Pythonista to name the best features of Python and they are sure to include its amazing community. For the past 15 years the PSF has recognized this important feature with its Community Service Awards and with a special annual award for outstanding contributions to the Python Communitythe Frank Willison A... View More

PyOhio Young Coders to receive PSF Funding

" The PSF is always thrilled to be able to help introduce young people to the world of programming. As such, Young Coders' Workshops (also see O'Reilly ) are especially close to our hearts. Young Coders, for those of you who dont know, was started in 2013 at PyCon in Santa Clara by Katie Cunningham and Bar... View More

Correction to Micro:bit post: no internal battery!

" Yesterday's blog post about the BBC Micro:bit requires a brief correction. I said that it can be run off of another device or from its own battery power. However, the latest and final version has eliminated the internal watch battery slot that was featured on the earlier prototype in favor of offering an external battery ... View More

BBC Micro:bit successfully launched!

" July 7, 2015 BBC Microbit Last March, I wrote about a terrific educational project taking place in the UK, with which the PSF is proud to be involved (see PSF Blogpost ). I am very happy to report today that the BBC micro:bit project has successfully launched! The BBC micro:bit release is part of the BBCs Mak... View More

PyCon Singapore

" The PSF is happy to report that the third annual PyCon Singapore took place June 17 to 19, 2015. This event, organized by the Python User Group Singapore, is a testament to the robust presence of the Python community in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to three PyCons Singapore, PUGS has held three PyCons Asia-Pacifi... View More

CSA goes to PSF Brochure Creators

" RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation award Armin Stross-Radschinski and Jan Ulrich Hasecke the 1st Qtr 2015 PSF Community Service Award for their work on creating the PSF Python Brochure. For the last several years, a dedicated team has toiled in obscurity on a task they knew to be important for the fu... View More

Nicholas Tollervey and Python in Education

" As many of you know, the use of Python in education has grown tremendously in the past several years (see PSF Newsblog ). The Python community celebrates this trend, and continues to strengthen our connections to the world of education. PyCons first education summit at PyCon 2013, initiated by Naomi Cedar (who... View More

Mark Hammond Receives Distinguished Service Award

"Like other community-based open source software, volunteers from around the world are to thank for Python's existence. When it comes to Python on Windows, the crew overseeing it are much smaller in number than those involved in other platforms, and one person in particular stands out among them with contributions that have h... View More

Sponsor Election Results!

" Last month, in addition to the election for the Board of Directors, a separate election was held asking PSF members to approve three new sponsors. Here is Ian Cordascos announcement of those results: we had 198 voters out of 426 which is ~46.48% of the voting membership (at the time). The results are here ... View More

The Election Process and the new PSF Election Administrator

" Background: As those of you who have been following recent events in the PSF know, there were some difficulties and disagreements surrounding the election for the 2015-2016 Board of Directors. The initial attempt at an election for Board members was cancelled due ambiguity concerning candidate nomination deadlines. ... View More

Congratualations to the new Board of Directors!

" Board Election Results The PSF annual Board members' election was just completed, with voting closed at end of day (AOE) on May 31, 2015. Thanks to all who took part, including candidates, PSF Directors, staff and volunteers, as well as all members who participated by voting in the election. A special thanks to Ian Cor... View More

Read the Docs: growing with a little help from its friends at the PSF (and elsewhere)

" Today's post, like the previous one , features a development project that the PSF has been delighted to fund once again this year. On April 28, 2015, the PSF Board unanimously approved the following resolution: RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $8,000 to Read the Docs, Inc. for d... View More

PSF funds development: Armin Rigo's CFFI 1.0

" In looking back over the PSF newsblog posts, it appears that most of the PSF funded projects Ive written about were conferences, workshops, and education/outreach efforts. These are, of course, truly important. However, its also important to get the word out about several development projects that the PSF has sponsored in ... View More

New Board Election! Important! Please Read!

" For those of you who haven't followed the recent discussion on the PSF members list, there has been an important development regarding the election of members to the Board of Directors. Due to ambiguity with respect to the candidate nomination deadline (the former election administrator... View More

PSF/NumFOCUS joint Working Group on Scientific Python

" For the first time ever, the PSF has joined forces with another open source organization, NumFOCUS , to create a collaborative working group to make decisions on allocating grants or sponsorships for Scientific Python projects, conferences, etc. NumFOCUS ,based in Austin Texas, has been promo... View More