Abstract : Extensible ASCII table reader

Category : Deprecated   

Homepage : http://cxc.harvard.edu/contrib/asciitable/

NOTE: Superseded by astropy.io.ascii package.

At the top level asciitable looks like many other ASCII table readers since it provides a default read() function with a long list of parameters to accommodate the many variations possible in commonly encountered ASCII table formats. But unlike other monolithic table reader implementations, asciitable is based on a modular and extensible class structure. Formats that cannot be handled by the existing hooks in the read() function can be accomodated by modifying the underlying class methods as needed.

Asciitable can read a wide range of ASCII table formats via built-in Extension Reader Classes:

  • Basic: basic table with customizable delimiters and header configurations
  • Cds: CDS format table (also Vizier and ApJ machine readable tables)
  • CommentedHeader: column names given in a line that begins with the comment character
  • Daophot: table from the IRAF DAOphot package
  • Ipac: IPAC format table
  • NoHeader: basic table with no header where columns are auto-named
  • Rdb: tab-separated values with an extra line after the column definition line
  • Tab: tab-separated values
Asciitable is part of the Astrolib repository.

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