Abstract : Calculate useful values for a given cosmology

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Homepage : http://cxc.harvard.edu/contrib/cosmocalc/

Calculate useful values for a given cosmology. This module uses code adapted from CC.py (James Schombert) which is a Python version of the Cosmology Calculator (Ned Wright).

The following values are calculated:

Name Value Units
z Input redshift  
H0 Hubble constant  
WR Omega(radiation)  
WK Omega curvaturve = 1-Omega(total)  
WM Omega matter  
WV Omega vacuum  
DTT Time from z to now Gyr
age Age of Universe Gyr
zage Age of Universe at redshift z Gyr
DCMR Comoving radial distance Gyr Mpc cm
VCM Comoving volume within redshift Gpc3
DA Angular size distance Gyr Mpc cm
DL Luminosity distance Gyr Mpc cm
PS Plate scale - distance per arcsec kpc cm
Copyright:Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (2009)
Author:Tom Aldcroft (aldcroft@head.cfa.harvard.edu)

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