Abstract : a cosmology package for Python

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Homepage : http://roban.github.com/CosmoloPy/

Version: 0.1.001

CosmoloPy is a package of cosmology routines for Python, designed for use with NumPy and SciPy. Reionization is a particular focus. See below for a longer list of capabilities.

Functions take cosmological parameters (which can be numpy arrays) as keywords, and ignore any extra keywords. This means you can make a dictionary of all of your cosmological parameters and pass it to any function.


Calculate the comoving distance to redshift 6.

>>> import cosmolopy.distance as cd
>>> cosmo = {'omega_M_0':0.3, 'omega_lambda_0':0.7, 'omega_k_0':0.0, 'h':0.72}
>>> d_co, err = cd.comoving_distance(6., **cosmo)
>>> print "Comoving distance to z=6 is %.1f Mpc" % (d_co)
Comoving distance to z=6 is 8017.8 Mpc

Look in tests/ and examples/ for more examples.


See the API docs for a full listing.

Routines related to the reionization of the IGM.
Calculate various cosmological distance measures.
Routines related to galaxy luminosity functions (Schechter functions).
Routines related to perturbation theory and the power spectrum.
angular diameter distance versus redshift and Omega_M propper motion distance vs. redshift and Omega_M

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