Abstract : Collaborative, interactive graphing library and web app

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Homepage : https://plot.ly

Plotly (https://plot.ly) is an analytics and graphing project. Plot.ly has a web app, GUI and command line at https://plot.ly, and an API for plotting graphs that are interactive, web-based, and publication-quality.

The web interface allows users to import, copy and paste, or stream data to be analyzed and visualized. For analysis and styling graphs, Plotly offers a Python sandbox (NumPy supported), datagrid, and GUI.  Python scripts can be saved, shared, and collaboratively edited in Plotly.

The Plotly Python graphing library is a scientific graphing library (https://plot.ly/api/python). Graphs can be styled with Python and a GUI, and shared privately for group collaboration or publicly with a URL for others to view, collaborate, and save a copy.

Plotly can make line charts, scatter plots, bubble charts, histograms, 2D histograms, box plots, heatmaps, and error bars. Plotly also supports log axes, date axes, multiple axes, and subplots.

Plotly can also be used to make interactive graphs with IPython. A gallery of example IPython Notebooks is available here (http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/plotly/IPython-plotly/tree/master/), and shows how to use Plotly for bubble charts, hover text, numpy, datetime, pandas multiple Axes, subplots, and insets.


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