Abstract : Cross-platform utilities for astronomy with Tk GUI and networking

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Homepage : http://www.astro.washington.edu/users/rowen/ROPackage/Overview.html

RO is a package of python utilities with an emphasis on cross-platform support (MacOS X, Windows and unix), Astronomy, Tkinter GUI extensions and Tkinter-compatible networking. It was developed to support a telescope user interface (TUI).
  • AddCallback: mixin class for adding callback functionality to any object.
  • Alg: various algorithms
  • Astro: Astronomy package, including conversion between various coordinate systems and time functions. Note that this library is based Pat Wallace's slalib and as such requires payment to for commercial use
  • CnvUtil: type conversion utilities
  • Comm: network communications for Tkinter applications. All of these classes use events and callbacks to avoid blocking the main event loop.
  • DS9: allows one to easily load images into the ds9 image viewer. Images can be loaded from numpy arrays, binary files or fits files. 
  • Constants: a few constants for using the RO package
  • InputCont: containers for input widgets. Allows easy get and put for a set of input widgets and formatting of complex command strings.
  • KeyDispatcher: parse input data for keyword/value pairs and set registered KeyVariables accordingly. Useful for certain kinds of networked control applications.
  • KeyVariable: containers for keyword/value data. Useful for certain kinds of networked control applications, especially in conjunction with KeyDispatcher.
  • LangUtil: language utilities.
  • MathUtil: simple math functions
  • OS: file-related functions
  • ParseMsg: parse keyword-value data. Intended for use by KeyDispatcher.
  • PhysConst: some basic units conversion constants and physical constants, especially those related to Astronomy.
  • Prefs: a complete implementation of user-settable preferences (using Tkinter), including automatic updating of fonts and colors and programmable updating of other attributes.
  • procFiles: easy batch processing of files
  • PVT: class for representing position, velocity, time data.
  • ScriptRunner: execute user-written scripts that wait for something to happen without halting the main Tkinter event loop.
  • SeqUtil: sequence utilities
  • StringUtil: string utilities including conversion of sexagesimal (dd:mm:ss and hh:mm:ss) strings to and from numbers.
  • TkUtil: utility functions for working with Tkinter
  • Wdg: extensions of the standard Tkinter widgets and useful additional widgets.

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