Abstract : Data analysis infrastructure

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Homepage : http://www.stsci.edu/resources/software_hardware/pyraf/stsci_python

stsci_python is a library of Python routines and C extensions that has been developed to provide a general astronomical data analysis infrastructure. It includes the following:

  • PyRAF, an environment for running IRAF tasks without using the IRAF CL
  • MultiDrizzle, a task for combining dithered STScI images
  • PyFITS, used to read FITS images and tables into numpy or numarray objects and to manipulate FITS headers
  • pysynphot is a synthetic photometry package (still in development) designed to replace STSDAS.SYNPHOT. It is suitable for library or interactive use.
  • Numdisplay, used to visualize numpy array objects using image display tools like ds9 and ximtool

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